Pamela takes on Ernie

by:Matt Jones01/13/06
In a cause that will likely never happen in my lifetime, former Baywatch beauty and current terrible sitcom star Pamela Anderson has requested Ernie Fletcher take down the statue of Colonel Sanders from the State Capitol because of the degrading treatment given to chickens who are farmed for slaughter for KFC. Now while I respect the right of everyone to have their causes, this one seems a bit misguided. My guess is Pamela has never left the beaches of Malibu long enough to even step foot in Kentucky and thus her attempt at lecturing seems a bit presumptious. However if this attempt at making a statement gets Pamela to Frankfort (where I work), I may be fully in support. Plus wouldnt it be great to hear their conversation.... Fletcher: Miss Anderson, I appreciate you coming to the State Capitol with your concerns and before we begin, I just want to let you know that I have gone ahead and pardoned you. Anderson: Well thank you Governor....You need to take the statue of that man with the beard down because he hurts the chickens and I love chickens. You see I know great men....I have dated Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and that guy from Surreal Life, and the Colonel is not a great man! Fletcher: Well Pam, thanks for coming, but we have bigger issues on our plate right now, such as whether we can somehow banish Patrick Sparks to Tennessee and replace the Kentucky uniforms with pasted on copies of the Ten Commandments. But we will certainly advise all of our citizens to watch "Stacked"!

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