Pat Forde has his eye on Jodie Meeks

Thomas Beisnerover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Pat Forde does his weekly run-through, cleverly named "Forde Minutes", and gives some love to Jodie Meeks, naming the UK junior one of his "Stars of the Stretch Run".  Here is what he had to say this afternoon about the pride of Orestes and Margaret (and the Big Blue Nation): "The Kentucky sharpshooter is on his way to being the school's first first-team All-American since Ron Mercer in 1997 -- but more importantly, can Meeks carry the Wildcats off the bubble and extend their NCAA tournament streak to 18 straight? If big man Patrick Patterson remains out and/or limited by an ankle sprain, the burden on Meeks will multiply. He handled it heroically last week, making a preposterously difficult 3-pointer to beat Florida and snap a three-game losing streak, then shredded Arkansas for 45 in Fayetteville. There is much work yet to be done, with four of Kentucky's last six regular-season games against teams in the thick of the NCAA race." Those are some serious compliments from Forde.  I hope he doesn't feel the need to get difficult on camera should Jodie not reciprocate the affection.  Allegedly.

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