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While we will always remember the Draft Cats as the class that included John Wall and Demarcus Cousins, it’s no secret that for many fans, the love starts and ends with Patrick Patterson. He was the first dose of excitement back into the program after Tubby left, and he stuck it out through the Gillispie years, often times taking the team on his back to guarantee success.  Without Patrick, Kentucky would have been in a far worse place last year, and without him so would this blog.  So it was a little disappointing to see him delegated to the NBA-D League earlier this year.

But now he’s back.  Pat Pat got his first major minutes in an NBA game yesterday against the Toronto Raptors and he did not disappoint.  In 25 minutes the rookie put up career numbers with 15 points, 10 boards and 1 block. Then to top it off he tweeted this out “Like my boy Josh performance today.  Hopefully he has silenced a bunch of haters out there.”  Patrick Patterson – first career double double and keeping track of the UK/UofL game?  I knew we loved him for a reason.

To be fair, Cousins and Orton gave their praise on twitter too. From Boogies – “Shoutout to my brother jorts for puttin in work against them dirtybirds!!!”

From Orton’s “Okay then BIG JOSH!!!!”  Which is either a shoutout to Jorts or a proclamation of his love of Josh Groban.  With Daniel it could really go either way.


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