Pat Robertson----World's Strongest Man

by:Matt Jones06/05/06

As many of you likely heard, America’s favorite wacky Reverand, Pat Robertson, claimed a few weeks ago to have leg pressed 2,000 pounds after taking a new herbal supplement that the 700 Club is conveniently helping market. Now of course no one in their right mind believes this. The record for largest leg press in Florida St football history (where former prisoners who have spent their entire lives working out go to school) is 1300 pounds and is held by Dan Kendra (isnt that name a blast from the past….). So of course all of us with any sense assumed, correctly so, that Robertson was lying. I even made a bet with a friend that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson and Jimmy Swaggart could not together leg press 2,000 pounds.

Well thankfully, the internet has done its work once again and investigated. This site has devoted more work to the Pat Robertson investigation than President Bush did to Iraqi war planning. The site shows, among other things that the photo sent by the Robertson camp “proving” claim shows Robertson using his arms to help, using an improper technique and technically only having 1,000 pounds or less on the machine. So shockingly, Robertson has been shown to be a liar. Will wonders never cease?

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