Pat Summitt's Wednesday News and Views

Pat Summitt's Wednesday News and Views

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
summitt.jpeg Longtime readers of this blog would have never believed they would see a day where Pat Summitt was the picture on back to back posts. But for anyone who heard Summitt garble her way through "Rocky Top," you would know that there can be no other news story of the day. Pat was so amazingly awful that William Hung was seen teasing her in the crowd. Plus it looked like she was wearing a diaper....I mean it. Look I am all for the show of spirit....but it sure was a Roseanne-level performance. Its always bad when you have to write these things before the game is over. However at the moment of this writing, Tennessee is beating Florida 50-31 and the defending champs truly are looking pitiful at this point. Mike Decoursey said on our show a few weeks ago that Florida was not a great team.....why? Great teams dont put up stinkers, and Florida does. This Florida team I am seeing tonight is not a championship team. At this moment, UT is scoring on layup after layup as the Gators show no ability to close out the lane and stop penetration. Donovan is being outcoached and the team looks out of sync....not the signs of a great team. To the news (with more views).... (1) Mitch Barnhardt talked to the fans today on the radio and continued his style of not exactly giving Tubby a vote of confidence. He mentioned that at UK "4 and 5 seeds in the NCAA are not acceptable".....well we wont be getting that this year. ;) I give Mitch credit for going on the radio and answering the fans (although we are still waiting for him to return our calls here) and I understand the difficult position he is in. However his actions of the last few days have set up a series of expectations...expectations that Mitch will have to meet. He has all but said that if the finish this season is not strong, changes will be made. That means they have to be made....period. Many believe that Mitch is hinting that things may be done for Tubby.....maybe so....but what is more likely is a "fire the staff" ultimatum.....all I will say is that the tough talk and the communication with the media mean that Mitch must follow through. If he doesnt, this "media blitz" will have done more harm than good. (2)Chris Lofton is good, eh? So is Al Horford....Dicky V and Billy D were right. (3) One of the most special days in college sports is tomorrow night and almost no one is talking about it. Senior Day at Kentucky is one of the coolest sporting events that I have attended. Everything about it, from the paper hoops to "My Old Kentucky Home" to the tradition of starting all the seniors makes it a great night. I really hope that this tradition continues in earnest tonight. This senior class is much-maligned.....while at UK all three have been said to not be talented enough to wear the UK uniform. But whatever one thinks about that question, another thing is for sure. These are three quality young men....Bobby Perry will one day make Kentucky basketball proud with his life accomplishments....Sheray Thomas has overcome a serious medical illness and yet has always worked hard during his time in Lexington.....and Woo is as good a guy as you will ever meet. These three young men may or may not have been what you wanted on the court. But off it, they have been nothing but class, giving their all on the court, in the classroom and with charitable acts that few will know. Keep that in mind tomorrow is their night and I hope folks show their appreciation. (4) And if class, honor and dedication to your players doesnt make you want to cheer the Seniors tomorrow night, then knowing that Jai Lucas will be there eyeing every minute of the proceedings should. Make no mistake....Lucas is concerned about Tubby's future....if Tubby is here next year, Kentucky needs Lucas with him. Tomorrow is the night that could seal that deal. Fans should act accordingly. More to come today.....including our Senior tribute.

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