Patrick Patterson Analyzes the Cats (and Gators)

Patrick Patterson Analyzes the Cats (and Gators)

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
patrick_patterson001b.jpeg It is very easy to be down on the Cats after tonight's loss....a little walk around the internet will show you that. But sometimes you have to distract yourself and think about other our Bracket Buster Saturday Blog coming up.....and my interview tonight with Patrick Patterson: So with the recruiting process now winding down, what have you been up to in recent weeks? Patterson: Well I have been trying to watch all the teams, see their style of play and how they are doing. I just got done watching Kentucky play Tennessee. It was a great game and I enjoyed it. What have you noticed in the games about Kentucky? Patterson: Well I have noticed a lot of things about them. Coach Smith has got the guys really hustling and playing well. You know they have lost a couple of games but they have always been close. I sometimes hear people getting down on them, but you know every game I have seen them lose, they just needed to make one shot here or there to win. They seem to either win big or lose close. That just means they are one or two guys away from being really good. Have you decided to take anymore visits before you make a decision? Patterson: Yeah I am going to go March 4th to Florida to watch them play Kentucky. That is probably the last visit I will take. And then soon after that, I will probably narrow my decision down to three schools. What do you think about the Gators? Did you watch the game last Saturday at Rupp Arena? Patterson: Oh yeah I watched it. IT was crazy in there. I have seen Florida a lot and they are obviously great. Watching them play, I just want to see the style and how they play as a team. I know a lot of the guys are really talented and some of the guys who play my position may be gone like Noah and Horford. They actually may need to rebuild a lot next year and I have just been watching to see how they might use me to rebuild. Have you thought about playing time withe the various schools? Patterson: Yeah that is one thing I think about a lot. Because those Florida guys will be gone I think there is a lot of playing time there. Same thing with Kentucky as they lose a bunch of guys in their frontcourt. Coach Smith talks all the time about how I would fit in with what they got going to try and be the final piece for them. Some of the other teams also focus on playing time, but they may not be losing as many players. So after all this time, do you have any leader or an idea of what you are going to do? Patterson: I think about it a lot, but I dont have a leader. I am still considering all the schools. More stuff to come tomorrow and Patrick will be on 1570 The Zone on ESPN Radio with us on Saturday.

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