Patrick Patterson names his All-UK five, says he wants NBA Cats on one team

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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If Patrick Patterson had his way, all of the Kentucky guys in the NBA would play together on one team. In an interview on Kentucky Sports Radio radio this morning, the former Wildcat forward, a free agent this summer, said he would like to play with all of the other UK guys. When asked if an all-Kentucky squad could take down the Golden State Warriors, Patterson said he likes his team of UK alums with a starting lineup of John Wall, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, himself. Patterson also opened up to KSR guest host Evan Daniels about his plans after his playing career, whenever it comes to an end. He foresees a career in the movie industry, which explains why he spends his offseasons out in L.A., where he is now. Other fun facts we learned about Patterson in the interview: -- His favorite vacation is Greece for its fresh seafood and blue water -- He prefers a two-and-done system -- He and Jodie Meeks used to order Mad Mush cheesesticks and have movie nights in their dorm -- He meets his fans in Toronto at the movie theater once a month -- He doesn't know where he will be next season Podcast will be out soon, so make sure you're following the new KSR podcast feed to get it. (I will keep reminding you about that until everyone stops asking.)

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