Patrick Patterson thinks a title is coming to his former team before his current one

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


Rockets Draft Patterson Basketball The former Kentucky big man had good things to say about his alma mater in a recent interview with Dime Magazine, but the highlight was when Patterson was asked to choose who he thought would win a championship first, Kentucky or his Houston Rockets. The decision was clearly a tough one, but Patterson went with Big Blue:
Dime: So who wins a championship first: Rockets or Wildcats? PP: (Pauses) Well, I gotta say Wildcats...
But, just to make sure there was no confusion from his current employer, he quickly put whatever public relations classes he took at UK to good use and made sure the answer was as diplomatic as possible:
...Because, I think, their championship is in April and then ours isn’t until like, what, June — something like that. So Wildcats win it first just because of the time period.
Well played, sir. The interview also hits on some of the differences he's feeling between the NBA and college and his goals for the Rockets. Patterson also talks about the insane amount of free stuff one can acquire simply from being on an NBA roster, which only goes to further one of life's most confusing truths...that the wealthier one becomes the more people want to give them things for free. Hearing from one of KSR's favorites is always nice, and the interview is a good read while we wait for the Rockets to get sh*t right and activate Patterson for his first action of the year.

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