Patrick Towles grew up around criticism, should be ready to deal with it at UK.

John Wilmhoffover 9 years


Aritcle written by:John WilmhoffJohn Wilmhoff


We linked it earlier today, but the video of Patrick Towles and his grandfather, Hall of Fame pitcher and retired Senator Jim Bunning, is deserving of its own post. Around the 1:22 mark, Patrick talks about what it was like growing up and hearing so much criticism from the media of his grandfather in his political career. Bunning remarks that the public criticisms he faced as a politician has toughened up his grandson and will serve him well in his career at Kentucky. Patrick saw at a young age that his grandfather didn't worry about what others thought of him, and hopefully he takes that philosophy and instills it into a Kentucky football team that is currently surrounded by almost nothing but negativity. Towles is expected to compete for the starting quarterback position this fall, but will likely play behind returning sophomore Max Smith, at least early in the season. At UK, it seems like the backup quarterback is the most popular player with the fans, so maybe Towles won't have to be so thick skinned after all, at least in the beginning.

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