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Patterson Medical Prognosis

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
gdfdg In the aim of giving info and filling up space, we introduce a relatively new segment here on the blog....the Medical analysis with Dr. Abrol. If there are injuries or medical questions, Dr. Abrol will let us know what there is to know. We begin with today's news on Patrick as explained by the good doctor: What was that we heard this afternoon? That, my friends, was the collective sigh of relief that us Bluegrassers had when we found out that PPat had an URI (no, no not Univ of Lamar Odom....errr, Rhode Island). As a medical correspondent (yes, yes this site's Dr. Sanjay Gupta), it's my duty (yes fellow Bluegrassers, I am doing this for y'all) to explain an Upper Respiratory Infection. So let's get nerdy for a moment, if we may. This disease goes by many a name... upper respiratory tract infection, viral upper respiratory tract infection, viral respiratory infection...etc. Basically, it represents the most common acute illness evaluated in the outpatient clinic. URIs range from the common cold (a mild, self-limited, inflammation of mucous membranes of the nose and throat) to life-threatening illnesses (like epiglottitis). Viruses account for most URIs and this happens initially....this is what PPat had. Viruses in this setting are usually diagnosed clinically (by compliants and physical exam) and no specific tests. P atients who present with this require reassurance, education, and instructions for symptomatic home treatment...plenty of fluids, rest, and Tylenol for fevers. No antibiotics (for bacterias) are needed, unless a second infection (bacterial) happens on top of the viral. Ok, I must go now...and work on a report for broken noses or whatever else Clyde's Kids or Brooks' Boys may have throughout the season. Well it was good while it lasted and until next time, Rahul Abrol M.D. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to introduce myself...I am a Rehab, not that kind of Rehab...Physical Med and Rehab...the Sports Med type.

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