Paul Anka's Monday News and Views

Paul Anka's Monday News and Views

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
paul_anka_bw2_280×392.jpeg Is there anything more entertaining to watch or hear than someone completely having a meltdown? Now I am not talking about an embarassing meltdown where the individual may have to check themselves into rehab or have their life ruined as a result. No I am talking about a mini-meltdown where a person gets really angry about something that seems really important at the time, but in hindsight is not really that big a deal. In my own life, there is a famous video of me, taken by my friends, going off on a room full of my friends one night in New Orleans as we waited for the police after my rental car had been stolen. I sort of lost it, went all Mike Davis on everyone, not knowing that they all were completely laughing at me behind my back. Thus due to may affinity for such reactions, at least when they dont involve me, I gotta give a salute to today's birthday honoree Paul Anka. Most of you likely dont know Paul, and if you do it is likely for his musical career writing such hits as "The Tonight Show" theme, "My Way" and "She's a Lady." However I know and love Paul for something else.....his classic "The Guys Get Shirts" meltdown many years ago. Anka apparently became enraged when guys in his band did not have on the correct clothing and he....well, he went off. Below is a video of people acting, the soundtrack of which is the famous meltdown. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..... Now to the news...... (1) The tournaments in Vegas and Orlando are wrapping up and officially ending the summer AAU season. It has been, as we expected, somewhat of a dead season in terms of news. In years past, the AAU season is when you learned for the first time what players UK would be recruiting going into the fall. However this year, Billy Clyde and his staff have moved much faster, meaning that this summer is nothing but an endless supply of lists, most of which we already know. If there is a story however, it continues to be the news that Terrence Jennings has UK in his top 3. I cant tell you how big a deal I believe this to be. With the possibility that Tyler Zeller may go elsewhere (more on this later), the continued rise up the rankings by Olek Czyz and the worry that Chris Singleton will see Orange in the end, the possibility of another explosive power forward looking at UK seriously is great news. Jennings is EXACTLY what UK hasnt had in.....well, a long long time. An explosive athlete who can put the ball in the basket, Jennings would be the perfect compliment to a banger type player like Patrick Patterson. We are attempting to get an interview with Jennings this week to learn more about his interest, but if there is a story to follow over the next few weeks, to me Terrence is it. (2) Also getting a lot of buzz is the question as to where Kentucky may stand with Tyler Zeller. Some have listed reports that Zeller may be narrowing down his list this week and that Kentucky may not make the cut. Zeller has agreed to come on our show towards the end of this week and we will of course ask him about these issues then. Until then however, I would not yet panic on Tyler. I continue to believe that Purdue is the likely leader, but Kentucky is in a group of schools, including UNC, IU and maybe another that is in that second tier. It would not SHOCK me if UK does not make the list (I am not sure whether the Liggins commitment helped or hurt UK on this one), but dont write this off yet. Tyler will be speaking this week (at some point to us) and all will be made clearer. (3) The only worry of the week is the continued murmuring about UK commitment GJ Vilarino. GJ has played well over the AAU season, but not through the roof wonderful.....and some have been whispering that with all the point guard talent out there, UK may have made a mistake by the early commitment. Here is what I know about GJ. He is a good distributor of the ball and has a high basketball IQ. He is a decent (although not great) shooter and is fundamentally sound, while having a high degree of athleticism. He is however not the kind of player that AAU season favors.....he doesnt blow you off the court, he doesnt get a ton of highlight reel plays and he is better suited for the team concept. He is also suffering from the "old guy on the block" disease, where he is being picked apart by folks looking for the "next new thing." No one knows GJ's game better than Billy Clyde as he followed him way before he came to UK. I want to see GJ in the high school system....a much better indicator of guys with his type of game's success. Its no time to panic. GJ loves the Cats and is set to be a great force for UK in the years to so-so AAU season shouldnt end that. (4) CSTV reported again today that Leonard Washington is a 2008 recruit and that he will be going to high school. Take everything about him with a grain of salt. We hope to find out more on Monday, but I wouldnt count on it. (5) 2007-2008 schedule is out.....and there are complaints. Some say not enough marquee games.....I say that is silly. Kentucky plays four teams that legitimately can win the national title (UNC, Louisville, Tennessee and Memphis) and another three or four non-conference games against teams with their eye on the NCAA (Oklahoma/UCONN, Houston, UAB and San Diego). That is par for the course for the last few years and shouldnt be criticized. I dont like that there are 4 games against teams with an RPI over 200....that is bad and will hurt the Cats in seeding come the tournament. Play teams ranked 100-200 and you end up having a MUCH GREATER impact on the RPI than if you schedule UNC over a team ranked 80th. There is a science to the RPI and the Cats have been great at it (which is one of the reasons they have been seeded so well compared to others during the last 7-8 years). But that is nitpicky and this is a new regime, so it isnt too much to get worked up about. Rupp will be hopping for a few games.....the first home game, UNC, the Ville, UT and Senior night with the Gators. Get your tickets now! I return full time to the radio show today and our college football coverage kicks off. It is about to be exciting and I am ready to count down the days. More as the day progresses, including Rob's football fix.....In the meantime, watch Paul Anka singing "Wonderwall" by Oasis.....young and old can like it together.....

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