Paul Finebaum talks about Kentucky beating Alabama for Matt Elam

Ally Tuckerover 7 years


Aritcle written by:Ally TuckerAlly Tucker
  For years, Paul Finebaum hosted a sports talk radio show in Birmingham, Alabama-- in the midst of the college football hysteria surrounding Alabama and Auburn. Finebaum now hosts a more nationally based show for ESPN, but that hasn't stopped the chatter from going back to Alabama football often. The afternoon after Matt Elam picked Kentucky in what many consider an upset bid over Alabama, Finebaum addressed Elam's decision on his show. Finebaum just kept repeating "picked Kentucky over Alabama," almost in a state of disbelief. "Alabama may be #1 in recruiting and may win another national championship, but they got way-layed today by the top player in Kentucky. He said 'forget about it Nick Saban, I'm going to play for a Stoops brother.' It seems like the recruiting upset of the century, although it probably really isn't." Finebaum called it a "major coup for Mark Stoops who had a pretty mediocre first year, but is recruiting extremely well."  "When Alabama loses to Kentucky in football in anything, it's a big deal. They will survive without this defensive tackle, but you just get used to Nick Saban ruling the world. But when Kentucky beats Alabama out for a player it's a much bigger deal. Alabama has already moved on though, but Kentucky is letting out school early in Lexington celebrating. It's not even about the player, it's the fact that they beat Alabama." Finebaum went on to a field a few calls, one of which came from a Kentucky fan who said that in the grand scheme of things, it's a recruit. A recruit won't win you any football games. Finebaum countered with a strong argument though, "It will get you talked about. And right now, that's the most important thing for a school like Kentucky."  

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