Penn State Penalties to be Handed Out at 9:00

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
Photo via Post-Gazette. It's been coming for about eight months, but this morning the NCAA will announce the penalties to be levied on Penn State University following the Jerry Sandusky scandal that effectively subsumed the integrity of the institution.  By all accounts, the penalties are expected to be "unprecedented," though there's no indication as to exactly what that means.  It's generally thought that the Death Penalty will not be handed out, allowing the players to still participate in regular-season games. Mike Greenberg of Mike & Mike in the Morning believes that the "unprecedented" part of the sanctions will be money, possibly $50-60 million.  The remainder of the penalty will look like a harsher version of the recent USC reprimand (multi-year bowl ban, loss of over thirty scholarships, etc.). The statue of Joe Paterno was taken down this past weekend, ignominiously placed under a tarp as jackhammers chipped away at the base before moving it away from the football stadium.  Though the toll has already been heavy, the NCAA believes that proper restitution has not yet been achieved. It's difficult to imagine the far-reaching effects of the precipitating issue, that so many in that area of the state will now have to move beyond.  As far-reaching as the situation is, many expect the penalties to match.  This might be the final resolution to one of the most tragic stories the college sports world has ever seen.  We'll know more at 9:00.

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