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peteypabpeteypab Ok, Big Blue Nation. It's time to raise up from your hangovers, forget about the snow that may be outside, and warm up with some KSR links to start your day off right. ---ESPN hands out some hardware for November, and if you can stand to scroll past all the gushing over Kemba Walker, you'll find that Terrence Jones was their freshman of the month. The mothership took Jones over Kyrie Irving and Jared Sullinger, praising him for carrying a team in stretches that isn't nearly as experienced as those of his closest frosh competition. ---Brett Dawson previews the Carolina game and takes a look at where the programs are as of right now. It's interesting to see the Heels trying to rebound from and deal with last year's disappointing campaign. And by interesting, I mean fun. Seriously, given the way Kentucky struggled for most of the last five years, seeing the Heels dip after hitting the ultimate peak just a couple of years ago is both a welcome vision and one that reminds us all how life in college basketball, like everywhere in nature, is cyclical. ---The Fayetteville (NC) Observer delves into the struggles of Harrison Barnes, Carolina's preseason All-American freshman who might be hard pressed to make an all-county team right now. Of course, it's only a matter of time before someone as talented as Barnes finds his groove, and here's to hoping he waits a couple more games to do it. Either way Barnes goes, the competition between he and Jones should be a heckuva lot of fun to watch, and is one of the big underlying stories of the day in college basketball. ---The faux-hawked one previews the weekend in college hoops, calling UK-UNC the best game of the bunch. He has plenty of nice things to say about the matchup, but eventually picks Carolina, so disregard the nice stuff and hiss in his general direction. ---Alan Cutler gives us a little insight into this week's Doron Lamb-led trip to the pedicure store, or whatever it is you call a place where one gets such a thing. While we may all worry about Enes being freed, we won't have to toss and turn worrying ourselves about whether his feet are properly pedicured, and that's a great thing to be able to say. ---And finally let's take a last look at the Vegas action on today's opener for CBS' college basketball coverage. The game is listed as a pick according to Vegas Insider, although certain books have either team giving up a point. Some people would tell you to take the home team in this situation. Those people are idiots. Take Kentucky, for the big game Brandon Knight is going to have and because North Carolina just plain sucks. That's it for now. Don't forget to check back for the live blog around gametime.

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