"Biker Boy" Petrino loves the ladies

"Biker Boy" Petrino loves the ladies

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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It didn't take long for the media to dig deep into Bobby Petrino's personal life, now that the world knows he's a piece of s---. The former Arkansas football coach's phone records are all over the Internet these days and they're just as juicy as one would imagine. For instance, over a two-month period, he sent 200 text messages to Alison Melder, a Senate assistant for the Republican Party of Arkansas. Melder is a recent Political Science graduate from Arkansas-Little Rock and a National Committee Woman for the Young Republicans of Arkansas. But some of you may know her as "Miss Motorcycle Mania." (images via TheDirty.com) If Petrino paid Jessica Dorrell $20,000, there is no telling what kind of money he was throwing at this fine young filly. And who else it out there? (H/T Deadspin)

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