PFF ranked all 130 starting QBs, Sawyer Smith ranked No. 130

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Pro Football Focus, one of the most trusted sources for college football performance statistics, ranked every starting quarterback in the country through the first six weeks of the season, and Kentucky's Sawyer Smith is dead last on the list. Of the 130 teams in college football, Sawyer Smith is 130th (130 out of 130) among those teams' starting quarterbacks, per PFF's performance grades. Smith leads the entire nation in "turnover-worthy passes," says the website:
130. KENTUCKY: SAWYER SMITH With only three starts under his belt, Smith has actually uncorked more turnover-worthy passes than any other quarterback in football. His 18 TWPs are the most through Week 6 in any season in PFF College history and his 11 TWPs in his outing against Mississippi State are the most in one game, ever. The loss of Terry Wilson looks all that more harmful with Smith putting forth those numbers.
OK, hold up. Can't he get a little bit of leeway for taking over for an injured starting quarterback two weeks into the season, after he had only been on campus a couple of months? Or how about how he has like 15 injured body parts right now and tried to play through them at South Carolina, which obviously affecting his throwing? I don't like this list. Not one bit. Although, I'm excited to see Lynn Bowden ranked ahead of Tua, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Jake Fromm and Justin Fields when the rankings are updated again to reflect Bowden's dominance as UK's new starting QB. [PFF Rankings: College starting quarterback rankings through Week 6]

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