Photobombing: The University of Florida

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florida-gators-helpful-links Welcome to the University of Florida! We look forward to welcoming you with open arms as you embark on a journey of education that will form and shape the rest of your life. From the day you step foot on campus your world will open wide. Take a look around the University of Florida!   resources_ufpd-1 Did someone say "safety?" With Officer Brian Melton on the case (and his trusty canine companion Dodger!) your residence halls are always a safe place to be. Here are some students posing with Officer Melton and Dodger during a night on the job. Plus, Stormtrooper guy used this picture to prove to his parents that he has friends at college, even though he doesn't know any of these people!   ot-class_mcm_9726 It's a proven fact that 45% of Americans today can't put on pants correctly. With UF's revolutionary Pants Major, you'll arm yourself with the tools -- and the knowledge -- to be part of the solution to this national problem. Be the change you seek at UF!   students Don't sit next to Gary in English. He's just going to hit on you. He's a total idiot. He smells like Axe Body Spray. He thinks Upton Sinclair's The Jungle is just a scathing expose of the meatpacking industry. He doesn't even realize it's a veiled attempt to convert the American worker to Socialism. Gary's so dumb.   mg_4433-copyresize The University of Florida pharmacy department tirelessly works to perfect a master race. Good luck guys!   restv Get to know your new roommate, based on the survey you filled out and mailed back over the summer. Fair warning, though: if any of you checked yes on "Do you like to cuddle?" you'll probably be paired up with Brad because he's the only other person who checked yes.   dorms-uf-dorms-roommate The good times never stop in the University of Florida's state-of-the-art dorms. Spacious closets, plush carpet, plenty of room and a strong wi-fi signal that's just perfect for catfishing that slut Brenda with a fake boyfriend. That'll teach her to ask Ben to the Snowball Formal. We're totally going to ruin her life. She's going to have to move.   funny-exec-picture-for-website-450x305 Hey, everybody! Here comes the University of Florida's Inter-Residential Hall Association executive members! They've been hiding in this dark room all day and now they're ready for some hijinks! Watch out or YOU'LL be the next one wearing "bunny ears!"   img-php Co-ed dorm living reflects the times and empowers students to a higher level of social discourse where gender barriers cannot interfere. Ladies, just focus on Keith though. Ignore Nathan. Nathan's the worst. No, Nathan, no one wants to hear about when you went to Universal Studios. We've all heard that story a million times. We know you love it. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD NATHAN IF YOU LOVE UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO WORK THERE.   uf-1024x680 Florida football fans are always looking to -- seriously, guys, the gator chomp looks VERY awkward in still photographs. You guys need to chill with that. I don't think you guys understand how that looks.   gator-guide-new_600_300_90_c1 Each year the department of Fish & Wildlife brings a presentation to the Board of Trustees urging them not to allow Albert the Alligator to run unchecked around campus and each year they ignore this warning. Last year 43 students and two maintenance workers mysteriously disappeared, and no one's doing anything about it.   8405905758_6dcb334486_b-480x480 Cheer on the University of Florida baseball team! They haven't won a baseball game in eight seasons but they are all excellent singers and dancers.   screen-shot-2016-05-21-at-6-39-40-pm Ugh, it's these guys again. The Inter-Residential Hall Association. They're the WORST. They all think they're soooooo funny and cute. Who voted for these people? Because they're all awful. Especially plaid shirt, am I right? What's so funny, anyway? Did someone leave the microwave in the common area running? Was there a stray flip flop in the shower? I mean, where's the other one, right? Hahahahaha!   cjc-grad Enjoy your time at the University of Florida and when you graduate as a Gator you'll be prepared for JEEZ YOU GUYS STOP WITH THE GATOR CHOMP THING DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE? Can't wait to meet you in 2017!

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