Pitino tells Dime Mag: "Kentucky has raised the bar"

Pitino tells Dime Mag: "Kentucky has raised the bar"

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Rick Pitino took a break from watching Drexel game film earlier this week for an interview with Dime Magazine.  If he could go back in time, I think he would've kept prepping for the Dragons.  But, he didn't, so Dime Mag printed it's Q & A with Quicky Three Stacks and Louisville has its first loss in the Yum! Center.  It's a win-win for all of us! Here's the Kentucky-related goodness from Dime's interview:
Dime: It seems the rivalry with Kentucky is back at a high level. RP: The rivalry will always be intense. I think it’s become more intense in a good way because they are doing such an unbelievable job recruiting that it’s picked up our level of recruiting. I mean, they get the top six or seven (high school) players in the country each year. Everybody loves that star quality – the fans love star quality – so it’s changed the dynamics of the way we recruit a little bit. They’ve raised the bar, so to speak.
That's how it's done, Rick.  We raise the bar.  We don't buy the bar and throw some skank on it. Pitino also talked about last year's Cardinals, this year's Cardinals, and helping out in Antoine Walker's Eastbound & Down-like basketball comeback.  It's a pretty good read if you're into that stuff. DimeMag.com: RICK PITINO: KENTUCKY HAS "RAISED THE BAR" FOR UNBEATEN LOUISVILLE

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