Pitino: "The greatest move I ever made was leaving Kentucky"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


Rick Pitino's had a good year. He won a National Championship, got a tattoo, and has generally been living it up ever since. And while you have to congratulate Pitino on his accomplishments, Kentucky fans' feelings towards Rick will always be a little bit complicated. Pitino brought UK back from the brink of collapse, restored its elite status and at the peak of it all, left to coach the Boston Celtics, only to return to the college ranks to coach his former school's arch enemy. In the past, Rick has said that leaving Kentucky was "the biggest mistake" he's made in his life. Now, it's the "greatest move" he's ever made. In a speech at the Mid-South ACG Capital Connection in Louisville last Friday, Pitino says that leaving Kentucky ended up being the greatest thing he's ever done because it led to a failure in Boston, which ultimately taught him humility:
"People always ask me the question 'Do you regret leaving Kentucky? If you didn't leave, you'd have a thousand wins today.' I say, 'No, the greatest move I ever made was leaving Kentucky.' The second greatest move I ever made was failing in Boston, because if I didn't go through those two experiences, I wouldn't have gained humility."
My, how a national championship changes everything. [Rick Pitino talks about regrets, failures, secrets to success (Video)] H/t to Anthony Wireman

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