Pittsburgh Panthers: Still Coachless For BBVA Bowl

Will Lentzover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


Is your coach going to be at the Bowl Game?  …

In case you needed anything else to get you excited for the BBVA Compass bowl game, Kentucky’s opponent Pittsburgh has yet to name a coach for the bowl. You see, after the disappointing season the Panthers faced the administration decided to replace head coach Dave Wannstedt (and according to rumors, you know, all of his coaching staff.)  But their new pick, Mike Haywood, apparently isn’t all too keen on making his first game as head coach come in two weeks (and according to rumors, you know, hiring all of his coaching staff.)

So not only will Kentucky be without their three year starting Senior Quarterback, but Pitt may not actually have a coach.  And if they do, there is no way said coach is excited about the game.  You either have a disgruntled head coach completely unfamiliar with the team in his first game, or a head coach that has already been fired.  This is why you wait until Friday afternoons to fire people, Pitt.

I say they bring in Eric Taylor.

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