Possible big time transfer for UK Hoops

Possible big time transfer for UK Hoops

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


walkerhoops In the event you accidentally clicked on the women's basketball page at ESPN over the last couple of days, you probably ran across a story about freshman Samarie Walker and her abrupt transfer out of UConn. Saying she was unable to give the team 'the energy and commitment that it needs to be successful,' Walker left the top program in the country and sparked speculation about where she might end up. Well, according to this report out of the Hartford Courant, the place where she might end up could be on Matthew Mitchell's UK Hoops squad. Walker was averaging 6.2 points, good for sixth on the team, and 5.8 boards, good for fourth, before the transfer and was a high-school All-American coming out of Dayton last year, ranking #10 in ESPN's final recruiting rankings. So getting a transfer from her would seem to be pretty big for Coach Mitchell's rising program, although the attention the team is receiving after simply being mentioned as a possible destination is good for UK Hoops even if Walker doesn't end up in Lexington. I guess the only question left to ask, then, is whether or not Coach Mitchell will celebrate the transfer with a Dougie. All signs point to yes. **Update: Reports out of Dayton say this is happening.

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