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john-wall-louisville I'm not a man who likes to go back on his promises, so you can still expect Matt to stop by later this evening with his take on today's Kentucky win.  In the meantime, though, he called me with a couple of interesting notes to keep you entertained until then.  Enjoy:  - A lot of the post-game talk centered around the emotion of the game and DeMarcus Cousins' elbow to Jared Swopshire.  Rick Pitino compared it to the Laettner stomping incident, but said he didn't really think it was a big deal.  He did note, however, that he had not watched the tape yet.  - One player was not as impressed, though, as Edgar Sosa called DeMarcus Cousins a "nutcase" after the game.  Obviously, he did not say this to his face.  Or his chest.  Or whatever body part he'd be talking into.   - All of the pushing and shoving at the beginning of the game was apparently an extension of some jawing and shoving between teams after the national anthem.  DeMarcus Cousins, not surprisingly, was the Kentucky player at the center of the pre-game showing of manliness.  Coach Cal, interestingly, didn't say that he thought DeMarcus was a "nutcase", but was rather pleased with how he controlled himself when Louisville was obviously "trying to get his goat".  - He put up a quietly (even though he had some highlight reel plays) 17 points, but John Wall said that he was frustrated in the most physical game he's ever played.  Wall said he was frustrated by not knocking down shots early, but was happy with the space he got in the second half.  Pitino compared him to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for the way he took over at the end despite struggling early on.  - Coach Cal was asked about the end of the game lineup of Wall, Bledsoe, Harris, Patterson and Cousins and said that they played because they were the five who gave the most "total intensity" throughout the game.  He also noted that he told Ramon Harris to not be afraid to shoot the ball, which is what Matt Jones has been screaming at his TV for three and a half years now.  - And, in case you don't like reading, here is some audio courtesy of

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