Postcards from Destin!

Chris Tomlinover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
UnknownUnknown-2 Dear Barbara, Destin is very beautiful and I am meeting some very nice people. There is a funny joke going around where people keep asking me who I am, and giving me things to fax like they think I work at the hotel or something. It’s hilarious. These guys are real cut-ups! Spurrier is so cool. He asked me the other day if I’d ever been snipe hunting. I don’t know what that is, but I can’t wait to find out! See you soon — I have to go, Les Miles needs a bottled water and a Caramello bar. Off to the gift shop…AGAIN! Love, Butch -----
Dear Chantel, Really enjoying the Spring Meetings so far; I’m really glad we made the choice to move to the SEC. It’s kind of weird, though, to be in a place where not everyone is honking their horns, shouting from across the street and wishing me good luck all the time. I guess that’s Florida for you! My love to the boys, miss you guys. Mark ----- imagesUnknown Dear Family, Having a great time at the Spring Meetings. The pool is awesome, and today I pushed an iguana into a bush. Last night I went out on the roof and screamed at the moon to get back behind a cloud. There are free hot dogs here from 3-5 on the deck and I ate like 13 yesterday. It was awesome. I really feel like eating a Caramello bar right now. It’s great, these hotel workers get you whatever you want. I love it here. See you when I get home. Yours, Les ----- images-3Unknown Dear Everyone, Hello from sunny Florida! This hotel is really nice. The other day I went down to the meeting early and there were all these pens lying around, so I put them all in my bag (I will bring some home to you). You can just go out to the pool and there are already towels on all the chairs. It’s really swank. It’s so much nicer than Oxford and there aren’t flies biting you all the time. You and the girls would love it. I may never come home! (KIDDING!) See you soon! Love, Hugh ---- images-2Unknown Dear Jerri and Kids, Destin RULEZ!!!! The other night I went to Senor Frogs and sang Wanted Dead or Alive on karokee and then I did 5 shots of Cuervo. I got soooo wasted! I did one of those punching bag games and almost broke the machine and everbody cheered then I threw a beer bottle and hit some dude in the head but I ain’t care. SPRING BREAK 2013 YALL!!!! Steve-O ---- Unknown-1JAMES-FRANKLIN Dear Gang, Missing you guys at the office. Having a great time. Everyone is really nice but almost no one brought their wives. What a bummer. Sincerely, James. ---- imagesUnknown Dear Kristi, I am so ready to come home. This has been an awful trip. Someone stole all the pens and then I went to the pool and Hugh Freeze took my chair. I couldn’t sleep last night because someone was on the roof screaming all night long. I went to get a drink and someone hit me in the head with a beer bottle and I had to go to the emergency room. I got 12 stitches and missed the session on how to use Twitter. The guy from Tennessee didn't even show up. Can't say I blame him. Looking forward to getting back to Alabama. This sucks. Love, Gus.   @CM_Tomlin

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