Poythress had a 4.0 GPA; Cauley-Stein not a fan of school, at first

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"Hey, man, school's really not all that bad."   Like every other college student in the United States of America, Willie Cauley-Stein wasn't a big fan of the college aspect of college when he arrived on campus. It just wasn't his thing. "I hate school," he told Coach Cal last fall. Cal, though very appreciative of his honesty, knew he needed to step in and get further involved in Willie's education. It wasn't long after their little chat that Willie found himself in Coach Cal's "book club", which you may remember him talking about following the first exhibition game last November. He said he gave Willie a book every two weeks and the two of them would sit down and discuss what he read. "You're going to learn to love reading because you are going to read," Calipari told him. The mandatory reading trick worked because, today, Coach Cal bragged about how Willie's mindset toward classwork changed from beginning to end. He said Willie was enjoying school by the end of the year. "I'm kind of loving it this; I'm good now," he told him. Alex Poythress, on the other hand, had his nose in the books from the start. Kentucky fans got a small glimpse of that on the ESPN All-Access special when the cameras caught Alex celebrating a high test score. It turns out that wasn't Alex's only high test score, because Coach Cal let it slip in today's press conference that Poythress finished his freshman year with a 4.0 GPA. What do the haters have to say about that??? knight2  

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