Pre-game analysis from 'Bama fans at Bryant-Denny Stadium

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Aritcle written by:Jack PilgrimJack Pilgrim
img_8610 Before making my way into Bryant-Denny Stadium this afternoon, I caught up with a few Alabama fans to smack talk a bit and get the rundown on everything Crimson Tide football. Surprisingly, the vast majority of fans were very welcoming and greeted not just me, but the entire sea of blue that made it to the stadium, with nothing but class. Some had very good things to say about the Wildcats, others think the game is going to get ugly right from the get-go. Here is some rival-fan analysis:
"You guys have a nice stable of running backs back there. That Boom kid has always been scary, I like Snell, too. They should be able to put up some yards today. Other than that, we'll probably run all over you tonight. Hurts is going to have a great game."
Score prediction: 45-10, Alabama.
"The Wildcat running backs should be able to run on the edges, cause a little bit of damage on the outside. Honestly, you guys have a talented receiving corps, and will probably burn us on a couple deep balls. Our running backs got beaten up a bit last week against Kent State, so you'll likely see a good bit of throws to start with, bubble screens to get the ball moving, things of that nature. Then we'll run it down UK's throat. That being said, Jalen Hurts is going to have a game against you all. I wouldn't be surprised if he ran for 100 yards tonight, he won't have a problem getting the ball moving. On the defensive side of the ball, Jonathan Allen is going to have a field day against a true freshman left tackle. He'll put a hurtin' on your offense throughout the game. "
Score prediction: 42-17, Alabama.
"I think the first quarter will be close, similar to our last matchup against you all. After that, it's going to get ugly. I think we'll have the ability to run it all day long, your run defense is pretty bad. I don't think Saban will run up the score, so the final score will probably be closer than the actual result."
Score prediction: 35-7, Alabama.
Our tight end O.J. Howard is going to have the game of his life tonight against UK's defense. He's Alabama's key player this afternoon, so watch out for him. Aside from that, I don't think Kentucky will score at all. Bama's defense is just way too deep for UK to get the ball moving against us. It'll get ugly before it gets better for you all."
Score prediction: 38-0, Alabama.   Any final predictions before kickoff? I'm going with 42-24, Alabama.  

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