Pre-Game Quotes from UK Players.....including the "Bad Guy"

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180px-razor_ramon.jpeg #3 Ramel Bradley, Sr. On expectations for the Pikeville game… “It’s going to be different now that we have a new coach. We have a few guys that are hurt. We have a different lineup, so we need to get out there and get a feel for how we are going to play. I think our team will develop a new chemistry.” On how he feels the team will play… “I think we will be very tough and energetic. We will be talking. It will be a little rough out there because it’s going to be our first exhibition game. We’re going to go out there and try to execute our new plays.” On practicing for the season… “Practice has been tough. Preseason is hard and we’ve been preparing for the game. That’s why I’m really looking forward to start playing. We started early this year. I don’t think we’ve played our first game in October before. So we had to learn fast. We worked really hard to learn five plays in a row and it’s been tough to learn them and then execute them in practice. Everything is new for us. Having a new coach, we learn new plays and techniques.” #42 Mark Coury, Soph. On practice today… “Today was a good day. I am always trying to get better in practice. I am ready to get going in something more than practice. I know it is only preseason but we have all been through this since summer and come together as a team. Now that the games are finally getting ready to start coming in we are getting really excited to play.” On how everyone is working… “Every practice is a game for us, which is how we have been working. Everyone is doing well. I am just competing hard and working to make everyone better on the team. I expect to get as much playing time as I earn. Hopefully coach will give me some playing time since I have been working hard. I have improved a lot since last year. The first year I got here I improved a lot then and this year under Coach Gillispie I have continued improving.” On his play this year… “We are in a lot better condition this year. I feel a lot more energy and toughness. Coach Gillispie likes toughness and guys who are willing to jump on the floor for balls. I think I can be a down low presence. I need to be tough when I’m low, grab rebounds and defend. Being at Kentucky is a great opportunity and I’m just trying to get to my potential and do the best I can for our team.” #34 Ramon Harris, Soph. On tomorrow night’s game against Pikeville… “It’s our first game this year. We’re still trying to figure out Coach Gillispie. We have a little grasp on him, but still have a lot to learn. It’s just going to take some time.” On whether or not he’s ready to play against somebody other than his teammates… “Yes, we get anxious but every practice is like a game especially with our second squad. With them going hard it is making our team better.” On whether or not he is ready to prove UK is underrated… “I think it’s important that we take one game at a time no matter who were playing. We are going to play our hardest and once we do that everything will fall into place.” On if Coach Gillispie gets on the team when they are not putting out effort in practice… “No doubt you will hear from him, that is what he expects for everybody to play hard. Once you play hard it makes the game fun.” On how he has improved… “I think my game has improved, especially my defense. That is something I have really worked on and I think all of the coaches have seen that.”

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