Predicting the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Rashawn Franklinalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Rashawn FranklinRashawn Franklin
(Not in my house, Mr. Zeller. Not in my house.) In Kentucky, it's really never too early to talk about NCAA brackets. The madness of March was tailor-made for a fan base as rabid as this one. It's essentially a month-long holiday for us. We put our lives on hold for the only thing that really matters to us.... a National Title. CBS Sports decided to publish the first bracket of the year, not based on current rankings like they'll do throughout the year, but how they anticipate the bracket looking on Selection Sunday. Kentucky ends up with a number one seed in the South region, with the rest of its bracket looking like this:   Other #1 seeds are: Louisville (Midwest), Kansas (West), and Indiana (East). It would only be right for Kentucky to face a Shabazz Muhammad-led UCLA team for a trip to the Final Four. And what about a Louisville-Kentucky National Championship? A run like that would make a tournament run just as sweet as last year's. Yes, please.

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