Preseason Top Kentucky High School Players

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jon-hood-mascot.JPG yes this is Jon Hood under this mop....I like the kid already On this Turkey day, as you and your family are resting and enjoying bad football, a little info for you. A website called "Hoopscouting" (never heard of it, but hey a lot of people have never heard of us either) has produced its Rank of the Top High School players in the state. The list is pretty extensive and is good for discussion fodder. Below are the top guys for the Senior and Junior class, and the link below actually lists the top 7th graders in the state (how would anyone know that by the way....that may be the silliest thing I have ever seen....that kid had a STELLAR 6th grade season!). We at KSR will list our top 25 players in the state, regardless of class, next week. But for now, use this to tie you over: SENIORS: 1. Jon Hood North Hopkins (Madisonville) 6’6” WK……KENTUCKY 2. Vince Sanford Jr. Lexington Catholic (Lexington) 6’0” SG 3. Jacob Jenkins Manuel (Louisville) 6’4” SG 4. C.J. Penny Anderson (Lawrenceburg) 6’4” WF 5. Richie Phares Scott County (Georgetown) 6’7” PF-C 6. Ethan Faulkner Elliot County (Sandy Hook) 6’2” PG…..NORTHERN KENTUCKY 7. Ridge Wilson Central (Louisville) 6’5” PF 8. Darren Ballou Adair County (Columbia) 6’8” C 9. Russ Middleton Mason County (Maysville) 6’4” PG…..GEORGETOWN (KY) 10.Cameron Clemons Doss (Louisville) 6’3” SG 11.Garrison Collins June Buchanan (Pippa Passes) 6’9” C 12. Aaron Wilson Fulton City (Hickman,) 6’2” PG 13.Leonard Macon Taylor County(Campbellsville) 6’6” PF 14.Josh Crawford Corbin(Corbin) 6’4” SG 15. Byron Wright Paducah Tilghman (Paducah) 6’ PG 16. Greg Johnson North Hardin (Radcliff) 6’4 WF 17.Wesley Cox Ballard (Louisville) 5’8’ PG 18. Jonathan Ferguson Elliot County (Sandy Hook) 6’2” SG 19.Nick Hudson Dunbar (Lexington) 6’0” SG 20.Andrew Donovan Franklin County (Franklin) 6’7” C 21.Dayvon Sloan Waggener (Louisville) 5’8” PG 22. Montell Morones Bryan Station(Lexington) 5’11” CG 23. Jordan Hickman Bardstown (Bardstown) 6’2” SG 24. Eric Dunlap Oldham County (Buckner) 5’10” PG 25. Steven McFarland Boone County (Florence) 6’5” SG JUNIORS: 1. Ricardo Johnson Covington Holmes(Covington) 6’5” WF 2. Ge-Lawn Guyn Scott County(Georgetown) 6’2” SG 3. Aaron Cosby Manuel (Louisville) 6’3” SG 4. Chad Jackson Scott County(Georgetown) 6’4” PG-SG 5. Dakota Euton Scott County(Georgetown) 6’7” PF………. Kentucky 6. Shaquille Wilson Christian County(Hopkinsville) 6’4” SG 7. Josh Sewell Trinity(Louisville) 6’3” WF 8. Aaron Watts McCreay Central(Stearns) 6’1” SG 9. Ian Chiles Ballard(Louisville) 5’11” PG 10.Elijah Pittman Covington Holmes (Covington) 6’5” PF 11. Donovan Gibbs Iroquis (Louisville) 6’7 CF 12.Cody Miler Knox Central(Barbourville) 6’5” WF 13. Donovan Johnson Shelby County (Shelbyville) 6’4 SG 14.Taylor Newsome Shelby Valley(Pikeville) 6’3” WF 15. Thomas Jackson Jeffersontown(Jeffersontown) 5’11” PG 16. Darnell Davis Owensboro (Owensboro) 6’5” PF-C 17.Elisha Justice Shelby Valley(Pikeville) 5’9” PG 18.Tate Cox June Buchannan(Pippa Passes) 5’10” PG 19.Ashley Hatfield Shelby Valley(Pikeville) 6’5” PF 20.Deonte Maddox Seneca(Louisville) 6’1” SG 21.Josh Whitaker Hazard(Hazard) 5’11” PG 22.Blaine Green Middlesboro (Middlesboro) 6’3” WF (I remember when this kid was born...I am old) 23. Chris Richards Southern(Louisville) 6’4” PF 24.Jamal Stephenson PRP(Louisville) 6’6” C 25.Andy Earls (Florence) 6’6” PF-C Top Kentucky High School Players

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