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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Seriously, is there anyone cooler than Prince? I mean that performance tonight was just epic.....rain pouring down and my man comes out and reminds everyone that while Michael Jackson has become a freak, Prince is truly the King of Pop. Tonight at the Kentucky Sports Radio Compound, there were a room full of sarcastic individuals who are not easily impressed.....Me, Mosley, Turkey Hunter, Hubby, Sexual Ninja and others were all in attendance, making fun of everyone involved in the Super Bowl (and some of those that Barbaro) and generally giving no one (certainly not Rex Grossman) any credit whatsoever. Then what happens.....Prince comes out....and leaves to a standing ovation in the Compound....that my friends is impressive. He had the suit, the crazy hair (with the grandmother-esque rag on top), the dancing, the music selection (nice Foo Fighters cover).....and then to top it off, "Purple Rain" in the rain......amazing. As far as Super Bowl halftime performances, it ties for first in my book with U2 after Sept 11....but it shatters the mark for coolest ever. As for the game....well the Bears collapsed on me....and Sexy Rexy.....that was a "Bill Curry making Tim Couch run the option" type performance. Made me wonder if Kyle Orton was sober. But onto the news..... (1) Saturday's game in Fayetteville was possibly the most important win of the season for the Cats. Its not that Arkansas is a great team....they are not. Its not that Kentucky couldnt afford a loss....they could have dealt with it. It is not even that they played particularly bad in falling behind in the second half. But what this win did show is that when this team is clicking, they can win a big game in difficult circumstances, while fighting through adversity. That simply was not the case for last year's bunch and it was great to see. In a season where all but the top teams in the country have mediocre conference records, Kentucky is now 6-2, in second place by itself and heading towards a MONSTER game in Lexington next Saturday. We saw flashes of brilliance Saturday from Ramel "Diamond Dallas Page" Bradley, Jodie Meeks and Joe Crawford. Sheray Thomas played one of his best games of the year, and the Cats put together quick rallies of points that we havent seen in the last couple of seasons. It is easy to point to this team and say, "well who have they beaten?" And maybe thats fair. But it is interesting to think that three of UK's losses (UCLA, Vandy and Georgia) should have been wins. Is this team that far from only having two losses and a victory over one of the nation's best? The answer is no. Lexington is going to be special Saturday for Florida and we will be doing our show from the Hyatt attached to Rupp.....should be special. (2) What a difference a week makes in a UK recruiting mindset. One week ago, we were mourning the loss of Marshall Moses, wondering the direction of the Cats and contemplainting why Stephon Pettigrew had no offer. Now a week later, we get good news from Patrick Patterson, see some positive things from possible walkon from Scott County Matt Walls and the world looks a little brighter. Much has been made of Patterson's comments that "UK is on top," but just as I repeat with bad news, I would say with good that we should all be careful in reading too much into that. Kids say a lot in these interviews, much of it contradictory. UK has always been in good shape with Patrick and still is, but we shouldnt be having any parades yet. Patrick still has a couple of months, plans to take more visits and the roller coaster ride will continue. But we are on the track and havent been knocked off a week or so, three schools wont be able to say that. (3) A great day in college basketball on Saturday, capped off by an amazing home loss to Florida State by Duke on Sunday. I, like everyone else with a pulse, am so sick of Duke basketball that I would almost rather be forced to bet on Rex Grossman instead of watching another game with the Blue Devils. But this week has been interesting to watch, as the Devils lost to two vastly inferior teams, including today's loss that is virtually incomprehensible. Florida State simply isnt a great team.....and while teams like that may pull off upsets at home, they should NEVER beat you on your home floor. But this Duke team isnt like other Duke teams.....they are mentally much weaker, they are simply unable to contain true athletes and their "stars" have major holes in their game. With two likely losses to Carolina and a host of other road games, Duke could be looking at .500 in the ACC. And uh ESPN.....any way you can get Mike Patrick to call a Duke game? He never seems to do it. (4) Go see The Departed. Great movie with top notch performances by Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leo Decaprio, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, etc. Great gangster type movie that is classic Scorcese. I am still going with "Babel" for the Oscar, but "The Departed" is right there. Signing Day coverage here on Kentucky Sports Radio should be huge. Rob Gidel is working on player profiles that will allow you to learn about every player that signs with UK, as they sign. Wednesday will be a huge day on here, so look for that. More to come on Monday, but for now, enjoy these UK-Arkansas highlights from Saturday:

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