Prince's Thursday News and Views

Prince's Thursday News and Views

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
prince_cv4625961_400.jpeg Today is the 48th birthday of one of the coolest people on Earth, Mr. Purple Rain himself, Prince. Long-time readers of the blog will remember that I spent the vast majority of the post-Super Bowl week continually singing the praises of the producer of the Best Halftime Show in history. There is something about the short Minnesotan to me that simply radiates cool.....and I freely admit that it is somewhat odd. He has bizarre hair, occasional strange facial features, is oddly feminine, Brandon Stockton-level short, crazy wardrobes and is known as the ultimate JD Salinger-esque recluse in a world of overt celebrity. So rationally, I should just consider him a strange creature that is only a few steps above Michael Jackson. But I cant think like that.....if you put "Kiss" or "Rasberry Beret" of "Seven" or "Purple Rain", I cant help myself.....I get a falsetto tone to my voice and begin singing at the top of my lungs. It isnt a pretty picture. Prince is the coolest, that is for sure....and now he approaches 50. There is hope for us old.... To the news..... (1)With the 2008 recruiting coming quickly upon us, an interesting subplot is developing as the Cats extend offers to many more players than they have scholarships. An interesting example of that is the recent offer to Rotnei Clarke, the sharpshooter out of Oklahoma. Clarke is the type of player that a college team needs to get to the next level.....a deadeye shooter who can catch and release and is guaranteed to provide offense when open. However his offer at this early point does strike me as a bit odd. The best argument for offering Clarke is that his shooting is excellent and his relationship with fellow recruit Willie Warren, could combine for a great package deal. However it seems to me that there is little room at UK for more than two guards in this class and one wonders if that twosome would be the best UK could hope for. Make no mistake, Clarke is the type of player who would succeed at UK.....but Kentucky is likely to be the best offer he will receive....and he may be very likely to come to UK if recruited heavily. By giving him an offer, you are essentially giving him a spot on the team.....and with the potential for such a loaded 08 class, that surprises me somewhat. (2) Along those lines, the 2008 visitor on campus this past weekend, Deshan Harris also now has an offer to UK. Harris is a point guard and continues the trend of UK looking for more and more players at that position. With GJ Vilarino coming in 2009, the need for a point guard in the 08 class seems not to be heavy (especially with two potential guards in Jasper and Porter returning). Harris however is a kid that the UK staff likes a great deal. Like with Clarke, I wonder if it will be the best offer that Harris gets, and if so, is a Harris-Clarke backcourt a possibility? Should be interesting to see..... (3) In addition to all of the news about the upcoming "Elite Camp" at UK, there is news from Evan Daniels of of a new visitor to the Bluegrass, Polish-born (and Vegas held) player Olek Czyz. Czyz is a power forward (one of the many in the 2008 class being recruited by UK) and is seeing love right now primarily from West Coast schools. His Polish heritage makes him a natural target for Woo's affections and an instant favorite of this blog. Little is known of Czyz's game (he is currently a three star recruit), and at this point there is no indication of an offer. But he plans to visit UK this weekend, and we shall see what materializes. (4) This weekend is the "Elite Camp" for UK and we hope to have a roster of players at the camp sometime at the end of the week. For now, we know from Dave Telep of that DeMarcus Cousins, an uber stud from the 2009 class (when in my view, Billy Clyde really starts to rack up) will be there and other top talents from that class are expected to join. The camp is not open to the public, but is step one for UK in reclaiming its rightful place atop the recruiting world. (5) Andy Katz is coming on the show next week.....I plan on (politely) letting him have it. I hope you folks are ready......I know I am. Woo's graduation party is Friday at Long Head Bar and Grill on Dixie Highway from 5-8 pm. Please stop by after work and see everybody. We want this to be a fun event as the entire Kentucky Sports Radio crew, including me, Rob Gidel, the Intern, Tomlin, Hubby and the Turkey Hunter will be there. Plus, Woo will be doing the Woo thing and he promises to "let it all hang out." It is a must see event. Still need your votes in the Hot Blogger contest for Kentucky Sports Radio..... Also as some of you may know, last year we started the "Kentucky Sports Radio Girl" promotion here. Some of the initial picks were here, here and here. They were all great (and we hope at least one will carry over) but it is time for a new year and new selections. This position includes appearances at UK football and basketball games and promotion work for our radio show and site. If you are interested (or you know a girl who would be), this year the work will be PAID (a huge step up) and more extensive. Email us at [email protected] if interested. Until later......

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