Private detective hired to investigate Tom Jurich

Drew Franklinover 3 years


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Tom Jurich's split with the University of Louisville was a messy one, and it might get even messier. The Courier-Journal is reporting a private detective agency has been hired to look into Jurich's time at UofL, likely to dig up anything new to further paint Jurich in a negative light. The agency, Kentucky Special Investigative Unit, called the C-J seeking information on “any allegations of sexual harassment between Jurich and females involved with the University,” it says in the C-J's report. UofL president Greg Postel denies any involvement in the hiring of the agency:

Though Jurich’s attorney, Sheryl Snyder, called it “irregular” to engage a good private investigator on the gold coast in a breach-of-contract dispute, the move is consistent with the millions of dollars at stake and university’s surprisingly aggressive strategy with a long-prized employee.

Postel said Saturday that the hiring of a private detective was not his doing. Stoll Keenon Ogden, the law firm representing the university in the Jurich matter, declined to comment on whether it was funding the investigation, citing attorney-client privilege.

“Due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, we are bound by law to maintain our client’s confidentiality,” Kentucky Special Investigative Unit director Steve Thomas said. “No comment.”

Do Jurich and UofL have a potential court battle ahead? It will be an explosive one, if that is the case.

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