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Pro wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg got into a fight with UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium in 1988

Wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg came on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning to discuss the Project 58:10 Gala he's putting on in Somerset, and gave us what may be one of the most entertaining UK Football stories we've heard in a while. Before he got into wrasslin', Goldberg played defensive tackle for the University of Georgia, and told the guys about playing Kentucky in Lexington in 1988. The Cats beat the #11 Bulldogs in one of the biggest wins of the Jerry Claiborne era, but Goldberg remembers the game for a very different reason. He was the last guy off the field that day, and went over to talk to his dad and brother through the fence near the locker room at Commonwealth Stadium, and UK fans wouldn't leave them alone.
"The fans were all over me, man. I was talking to my brother and my dad through the fence. My brother is kind of like me and he had kind of had enough and turned around and said something to one of the fans and asked him to be quiet, and the fan said something my brother didn't like and so my brother hit him over the face with a portable television. Hit him in the face with the television and all of a sudden, all heck broke loose. I had to climb the fence in full gear and fight off Kentucky fans because my dad had just had a quadruple bypass."
That fence Goldberg scaled? It was eight feet tall. Can you imagine Goldberg, at 6'4", 285 lbs., scaling an 8-foot fence in full gear? Sheesh. The story gets even better when you realize that Kentucky's quarterback in 1988 was none other than our own Freddie Maggard. That means we have to hear Freddie's side of the story, right? Listen to Goldberg's interview towards the end of the first hour. Hour 1: While you're at it, listen to Hour 2, which included Ryan riding Drew's new Ghost Board:

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