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This picture never gets old. Anthony Davis has one of the most unique and complete skill sets we have ever seen in college basketball. He can absolute do it all on the basketball court. Besides his need to get stronger and grow into his frame, he doesn't really have any weaknesses in his game. Davis is projected to go first overall in June's NBA draft and have an immediate impact on the team that wins the sweepstakes for his services. The overall excitement of his game has basketball analysts looking ahead to what type of player he will be in the NBA -- or better yet, who his game most closely compares to. Our guys at Bleacher Report complied some stats comparing Davis to some NBA All-Stars that have similar skill sets to the Player of the Year, and set up some comparisons that I'm sure AD would love to be able to fill. Here they are: -Chris Bosh (6' 11'', 235 lbs, 49.3 career FG%, smooth outside jumper)
The major comparison between Chris Bosh and Anthony Davis is the fact that both players have smooth jumpers that can help their team spread the court. Bosh is able to step up from the paint and hit turnaround jump-shots with ease, and that's exactly what Davis can do as well.  While Davis still has some work to put in on his jumper to become more consistent, there's no doubt that he's a seriously dangerous perimeter threat with his size and athleticism. The one advantage that Davis has over Bosh is the fact that he's a more athletic player that has ridiculous hops that makes him a dangerous threat in the transition game and when crashing the boards. If Davis can put a little more muscle on his 6' 10'' frame and put a little more polish on his jumper, there's no doubt that he can be just as dominant of a player as Bosh, if not better.
-Marcus Camby (6' 11'', 235 lbs, career 2.5 blocks per game and 46.7 FG%)
The major comparison between Marcus Camby and Anthony Davis is their massive 6' 11'' frames and their abilities to be legitimate defensive forces in the paint with their defensive shot-blocking and shot-altering abilities. Davis has more athleticism and versatility in his game than Camby does, and that's what makes him even more exciting of a prospect than Camby ever was coming into the NBA. Davis is capable of stretching the court with his mid-to-long range jump-shot while also being able to slash to the rim with some serious athleticism. There's no doubt that if Davis is able to put more weight on and work on his post-up offense, he will have a more productive and better career than Camby, mainly because he is a more versatile offensive player.
-Kevin Garnett (6' 11'', 255 lbs, 19.4 points and 10.4 rebounds per game)
This one might seem like somewhat of a stretch, but Anthony Davis has a lot in common with the Kevin Garnett that played with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Both players are well-sized big men that bring a special athleticism and shooting ability to the game while also being legitimate forces on the defensive side of the ball. Garnett is arguably a better, more complete offensive player, while Davis is the better shot-blocker and defender, but they still have quite a bit in common–especially if Davis is able to pack on an extra 15 to 25 pounds on his skinny frame. With some polish and work to his post-up game, there's no doubt that Davis could have just as productive of a career as Garnett. The one advantage Davis has over Garnett, though, is his impressive ability to block shots and alter opposing teams offensive game plans in the paint.
BR also listed Tayshaun Prince as a possible comparison, but I don't really buy that because I don't think any team that drafts AD will put him at the wing. Serge Ibaka was also listed and I've heard Tim Duncan as well. Personally, I think that Kevin Garnett is the best comparison for Davis. They are both tough, defensive forces and I believe that Anthony's offensive game will be able to blossom in the NBA. Any of these comparisons you like? Dislike? Anyone not listed you'd like to see? Let us know.

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