Put Bruce Pearl in the Well.....so My People Can be Free

by:Matt Jones10/09/06
There is a movie on the horizon that I think has the potential to reach the stratosphere of goodness. For those of you who were not fans of "Da Ali G Show, well you should have been. And for those of you who do not yet know Borat, well....you need to get on board soon. Sacha Cohen, who I think had a star turn in "Ricky Bobby" regardless of what any of you say, produced a show on HBO that was the best mixture of juvenile antics and intellectual comedy that I have seen in quite some time. Ali G was like the Daily Show, only if it were slightly meaner and creative. And on that show, the best character, BY FAR, was Cohen's creation "Borat", a journalist from Kazakhstan who....well....if you dont know, you better ask somebody. With the Borat movie coming out in a few weeks, Cohen has created some of the best advertising concepts ever. His Kazakhstan character has caused outburts from the country of Kazahkstan (where sense of humor are as scarce as bread apparently), who have argued that Borat puts their nation in a bad light. Thus they have taken out an ad campaign to show the "real Kazakhstan" for all the tens of people who were ever even fathoming visiting the nation. In addition, Borat has taken to visiting "Premier Bush" at the White House, where he was immediately escorted off the premises, gaining publicity by the minute. So to get you ready for the movie, I present you Cracked.com's Top 10 Borat Skits of All Time. I know I put a lot of links on here and you may not pay attention to many. Pay attention to this one. It is great and will guarantee that you will be at opening weekend of the Borat movie.

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