Q&A with Oscar Tshiebwe's coach talking UK visit and leader

TJ Walker10/02/18


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[caption id="attachment_244832" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images[/caption] KSR caught up with Tom Droney, Oscar Tshiebwe's coach. Droney is the Kennedy Catholic co-director and the AAU coach of the ITPS Wildcats, Tshiebwe's AAU team. Tshiebwe is fresh off his Kentucky visit over the weekend that started on Saturday and ended on Monday afternoon. Tshiebwe has returned back to home to Hermitage, Pa., and will hit the road later this week to start his final official visit to West Virginia, the perceived favorite in his recruitment. Droney answers if that's still the case. Droney spoke with KSR about the the 6-foot-9, 250-pound center's trip to Lexington and what's next. KSR: What did Oscar make of his visit to Kentucky and where do things stand? Tom Droney: He thought it was a really good visit. He thought it was informative. Some of the questions he had going into the visit were answered and I think Cal did a good job of getting across to him that they really do want Oscar. It's genuine and they think it could be a really good fit. KSR: What questions did Oscar have that you referenced? Tom Droney: I guess partly some of the questions about whether he was being prioritized, how serious was their interest level in him. What's the deal with playing time and that sort of thing. I think Coach Cal did a good job getting across to Oscar and touching on all those subjects. KSR: Did he get to play any pickup with the guys? Tom Droney: No, they didn't play any pickup but they watched a couple practices, he watched a couple practices. KSR: Did anything standout to Oscar about the practices? Tom Droney: He thought it was good intensity. He likes that they break the practices up. It keeps the guys focused rather than having a three-hour practice they break it up to two hour and 15 minute sessions. I think that's a good thing. When you have a three-hour practice you probably don't want to stay after and get shots up. I think it facilitates guys staying in the gym and being in the gym. UK isn't trying to kill their guy's legs or whatnot. KSR: What did he think of the football game Saturday night? Tom Droney: He said it was a great atmosphere and a ton of people. He had a really good time hanging out with the team. KSR: Did UK push for a commitment? Tom Droney: No. Not at all. They told him to be patient and they told him whenever he felt like he wanted to do it then do it. They said time is on his side and they weren't pushy at all. He said that he really respects Cal because he's super honest with everything, the situation, playing time and whatever. Cal was frank and honest, Oscar said. KSR: When will we hear of a final decision from Oscar? Tom Droney: I'd say a week or two, after this West Virginia visit. He definitely wants to get it done in the fall. So, I'd say in the next couple weeks we will know. KSR: Should we read into WVU being the last visit? Tom Droney: Not necessarily. That's just how the chips fell. It is their homecoming weekend, so I think they wanted him down there for homecoming. KSR: You had told me previously that WVU was the leader but he was opened to hearing other pitches, are the Mountaineers still the leader? Tom Droney: I do think that Kentucky, he had a great visit there this past weekend. Other than that it's hard to say right now. He's processing a lot of stuff right now as far as Kentucky and he has West Virginia coming up. I don't have a great read on it right now, but I do think after this West Virginia visit we'll have a better picture for sure. KSR: I know NBA is important to him, was that discussed on the visist? Tom Droney: I think it was a really good visit and he had a great time. Everything was handled very professionally and he just said he really liked that fact that at the first practice there were six NBA scouts and the second there were four or five. It was constant exposure to NBA scouts and what not. That's another thing he really liked. [mobile_ad]

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