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sdsd Yesterday was an amazing amount of fun. Rupp was rocking and the fans were ready to celebrate the return to #1. Add to that the fact Kentucky played its best game of the year, and there was a lot to be happy about. I am about to get on a plane to New York City, and just had a couple of notes before I go: --- After the game, everyone wanted to talk about Boogie's lost teeth. It turns out they werent his real teeth as he lost them a couple of years ago in a game and instead he lost the replacement crowns. Still, the other players were clowning him and said he looked like Curly from the Little Rascals. Now I am not sure there was a Curly from the Little Rascals (I certainly dont remember one), but if there were, how do these players know about it? Has the Little Rascals been on television in the last 30 years? I should have followed up on this point. --- I found the most interesting quote of the day to be Calipari's in response to a question about the state of the Arkansas program. He said that the Razorbacks just ran into a "buzzsaw" and they would be fine. He then went on to say that any team in America who played Kentucky the way they played yesterday would be "smashed" by the Cats. I love that. And by the way, he is correct. Kentucky would have steamrolled any team yesterday. That game film of the first 28 minutes should be kept as an example of what this team can do. --- Pat Forde was there, rocking denim on denim, with perfect hair (he and Calipari should compete). He asked no questions, the first time I have ever seen that happen, to Calipari and wrote a very complimentary column on the Cats afterwards. Laodu also was happy. So all in all, a good day in the media room. --- I felt bad for John Pelphrey, who is under fire in Arkansas. The Arkansas media was on him in his press conference and it was clear they were fishing for quotes from Calipari about the slipping state of their program (which he would not give). Pelph got a loud round of applause when he was announced as Coach, but I am doubtful we will see him be able to get it again as Arkansas head man. --- We had a great taping of the podcast last night at Two Keys Tavern and Bunks Burgers. Woo was there in rare form and told us what a "Bootydo" is, which you will be excited to hear. Good analysis from Woo and a lot of conversation on what it will be like as #1. It should be up on the site later this evening. Drew Franklin has the ship for the rest of the day. I will see you tonight from NYC. Cats are #1, back where they most certainly should be.

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