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  As we recover from Servermania 2010 (and maybe experience a few hiccups throughout the day) and prepare for the Presidential Conference Call, let's hit a coupe of notes: - Much to the pleasure of those still simmering from the Billy Gillispie Experiment, Coach Cal hinted at possibly using a zone to control Devan Downey tonight. Downey, basically the only half-way talented healthy body left for the Gamecocks, is averaging 32 points per game in 5 SEC games so far. It might be head games and it might be aimed at keeping Eric Bledsoe and John Wall out of potential foul trouble, but the possibility of a UK zone at least exists. - On his conference call yesterday, Coach Cal summed up his team by saying "If they think it's a significant game, they'll bring it". By saying this, he not only joins Matt Jones as the only person to say that someone "brings it", he also makes a very solid point. This team's talents are off the charts and we've seen glimpses of it all being put together (like the Arkansas game). Sometimes, though, they've seemed to play down to their competition or start playing outside of themselves. Hopefully tonight will not be one of those nights against a far inferior Gamecock squad.  - The Good Doctor provided an interesting note today (or at least something I wasn't aware of) when he noted that Josh Pastner interviewed for an assistant job under Clyde in 2007.  Pastner ultimately decided to stay at Arizona, a decision that proved wise.  It makes you wonder, though, if things would have been different had Pastner been an assistant.   Would there be more talent?  Probably.  But, it wasn't the talent that was Clyde's undoing and I have a feeling Pastner would be just as alienated (or more) by his antics.  Not a good personality match. - As I'm sure you're well aware, I'm an NBA junkie. So, I was all geared up today for the chat with ESPN Insider Chad Ford, where I was going to ask if there was any scenario in which John Wall would not be the top pick (i.e. the Bucks win the lottery). Ford beat me to the punch, though, and wrote that every team in the lottery would take John Wall #1 if given the chance. Even those with All-Star caliber point guards already (New Jersey, Milwaukee, Utah). He even included this line:
A number of NBA GMs say that short of LeBron James and Dwight Howard, there hasn't been a prospect in recent years with Wall's upside.
Wow. - Also, Chad Ford said that most GMs now put DeMarcus Cousins in the top 10 of the lottery. Cousins, who was previously noted on his blog for having slipping stock, has impressed scouts with his play recently and most agree that he's close to the most talented player in the class. There are still concerns about his defensive effort and his maturity, but one GM noted that it's not scary enough to pass up a guy that talented. - As a final note, if you have a picture of Billy Gillispie at the Kansas game last night, send it to me. I just want to see what he looks like. It's like when Facebook first came out (yes, I'm old) and I could see how fat all the girls from my high school had gotten. Coming up.....the Obama call! Transcript will be up soon.

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