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joker-phillips Hey, it's 1 o'clock and that means Beisner time!  It also means lunch time, so I'm heading out to grab some food.  In the meantime, you're stuck with these quick hitters.  Enjoy...  - It turns out that John Calipari, like Santa Claus and Lil' Wayne, is actually everywhere.  In an interview, Erin Andrews said Coach Cal was one of the people to reach out to her in support following her video scandal.  Rick Pitino reached out for drinks and Bruce Pearl reached out for a backup disk and some Jergens.  - Sports Illustrated (or the AP, rather) unleashes a profile of DeMarcus Cousins, who in case you haven't heard, has a stat line that projects out to 84 points and 228 rebounds per 40 minutes.  Some might call him beast-like.  - As we get started on the Joker Phillips Era at UK, BW Jones at the Kentucky Kernel runs down a timeline of The Rich's time at UK.  The fact that someone took the time to dig through years of mess to compile this impresses me.  - CJ Leslie's coach at Word of God is making some news on the internet for a post-game press conference blaming the media for his team's inflated ego.  Interesting point.  - Speaking of UK targets, Doron Lamb put on a show (a word that has a totally different meaning when your wife is pregnant) in Oregon last night.  - Recent UK football commit Nermin Delic was named First Team All-State in Georgia.  It would have been more impressive had he been named in Florida, where he doesn't play high school football.

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