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Matt Jones09/20/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Not a lot of time, got to do this quick.... (1) Visit with AJ Stewart was postponed at the request of Kentucky according to his father. The visit will now be on Thursday where all the things mentioned before (potential for a commit) are still in play. Yesterday Stewart told another writer that he was "down to Kentucky and Illinois." The Illini shouldnt hold their breath. (2) Talked to Stephon Pettigrew last night and he will be a guest on our show this evening. Said he has offers from some mid-major schools right now but that he "really wants one from Kentucky." He talks to the UK coaching staff "at least once a day", and hopes that "everything will be worked out at some point soon." Kid wants to be a Cat, that is for sure. (3) I am still not sure what is going on with JJ Hickson. I hear two sets of stories, each with the same degree of assertiveness. One set is that Hickson and UK have almost given up on each other and that he is much more into the other schools on his list. The other is that besides Florida, Kentucky is his pick and the Cats have made great headway with him. I honestly dont know which is true, but some people have obviously been given awful info on this. (4) Jai Lucas visit tonight. I dont expect a commit, but I do expect more positive energy on this one. A Lucas commit at Midnight Madness, with Patterson there, could be about as good for Kentucky as anything in quite some time. Tonight's visit will help the Cats continue towards that goal. (5) Finally, I am hearing that the Cats are taking "especially keen interest" in the festivities at Midnight Madness. There is apparently a realization as to how important that event will be for both the morale of the fan base and upcoming recruiting. They are apparently making strides to make it an amazing show.....lets hope so, as it is big. That is it for now.....we tape the show tonight with Stephon Pettigrew, the best recruiting analyst in the country, Dave Telep and a Florida preview. See you then...

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