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rickyp1 Couple of quick hitters on a Friday night: --- The Anthony Davis Jr story hit the headlines again today as the Chicago Sun-Times doubled down on their coverage of all things Davis Jr. I have a number of thoughts on this that I will publish at some point then this weekend when they can be attacked thoroughly, but what is clear is that the newspaper is now dead in the middle of a controversy...whether they wanted to be or not. Today PTI attacked the issue and generally sided on UK/Davis's behalf. Michael Wilbon said he didnt believe the allegations and that it was his experience that such charges are almost inevitably false. Tony Kornheiser noted that the story ended up getting legs because of Calipari and UK's past but then said that "there was not one iota of evidence" in the story. The Chicago Sun-Times likely never imagined this would happen, but now it has and it and its "three unnamed sources" are in the middle of a fire. For another day, the did not return my calls for comment. --- A lot of former UK players took the court with the current batch today in practice, as the older guys provided an "opponent" for the Big Blue. Ravi Moss, Ramon Harris, Jules Camara and Eric Daniels went against the current UK group and were joined by my former Transylvania classmate Collier Mills, one of the three best players in Transy history. That group is a pretty solid set and gave UK a luxury that you rarely have...the chance to play against solid players that arent on your team in a practice setting. Good for all involved. --- I spent today at Media Day for UK football and got a lot of film for CN2 and the tv site. As far as news, little occurred and most you have already heard. Mister Cobble is ineligible, which is a big blow to the team, Randall Cobb will be running the Wildcat even if he isnt thrilled about it and the three QBs spoke for the only time this fall. The biggest thing I took from the day was just how impressive Morgan Newton is off the field. We spoke for ten minutes and he was loose, engaging and very funny. Newton seems to embrace the competition for the starting job and wants to better himself however possible. The decision as to who will start will be won or lost on the field...but what I saw from Newton today is a much more mature, grown-up kid who is not the nervous young man that we all were introduced to last year. --- The picture above is from this ad on Craigslist. The person wants $25,000 and he wont get it....but it is a great item and one that will be the subject of entertainment for a long time to come. --- Speaking of Rick and Porcinis, an auction for the Campbellsville Booster Club took place last night and I got this email about a moment at the event: I know you won't believe this but this really did happen last night. A local company donated item #25 for the live auction at last nights CU Dinner and it was a basketball signed by Rick Pitino & a $50 gift certificate to.........PORCINI'S!!! I am not making this up. So, of all people, my mother-in-law won the bidding war between a man across the room. She had to tell the autioneer her ticket number so they could award her the item. Her ticket number was.......#15!!!! I am not kidding one bit. The place erupted in laughter, not to mention the auctioneers face when she told him her ticket number. Just thought I would share that story with you. Have a great weekend!! You cant help but laugh at that....Beisner has the site tomorrow and I will probably stop in to write on Davis Jr...stay tuned as a big announcement is coming here next week....

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