Quick Note on Brandon Knight

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Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
Last night I was able to speak with Tonya Knight, Brandon Knight's mother, for a bit in order to get the latest on where his recruitment stands. Despite rumors that Knight was deciding between staying at home in Florida or playing for Calipari at Kentucky, she said, "No we haven't cut the list down yet. We probably won't cut the list at all. He'll just make his decision" This meshes well with what I've been hearing, which is that all schools remain in play and Brandon is still in the midst of the decision making process. She also added, "We plan on making a decision in a couple of weeks." This also goes right along with what the same above sources have been saying. Therefore, I tend to believe that the people that I have been able to talk with about Knight are good with their information. They've debunked rumors that any kind of commitment is 100% and even laughed at the idea of a "silent verbal." The situation right now seems to be exactly what Mrs. Knight is saying. Brandon is in the process of deciding and you can expect that decision anytime within the next couple weeks. These same sources do get the feeling though that any leaning at this point is toward joining Calipari's long line of future NBA point guards. Adam Zagoria spoke with a few sources today as well, that seem to feel the parent's end of the decision is solid. His sources said, “The parents like UK. Brandon likes the idea of staying local, but he’s definitely not opposed to going away." A second source said that the parents had already in fact made up their mind and selected UK. “Do I think they made up their mind already? Yes, I do. It’s hard for me to believe they’ll stay locally," the source said. Both of these sources agreed that, in the end, UK would be the ultimate destination. So it looks like all sources agree that UK is sitting in their best case scenario right now, especially with this staff's ability to seal deals on the recruiting trail.

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