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The news is starting to leak on message boards and the like, so I did want to address it here. The folks at Cumulus Media, who own 93.9 The Ticket here in Louisville have decided to make a format change and are taking off ESPN radio and the local sports talk and instead putting on classic oldies radio (and no I am not kidding). Because of that, Scott and Dave, Bob and Will, Bozich and Zac, the Freak and Jody, Trevor and I will no longer be doing our shows on the station. It is a sad day for all of us, as we had just started to really move up in the ratings and the station had as cohesive and solid a lineup as at any point since I was involved. It is a sad day around the studios and tonight will be the last show we do with the station. I will miss the chance to do radio every night and today really is a sad day for me and the others involved down there. This wont effect the blog and I am sure we will show up in some form somewhere else soon, but for now, it is a sad day at the KSR Compound and what once was 93.9 The Ticket.

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