Quincy Miller the Joakim Noah of a New Era?

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
qtip My how things change. Just eight months ago, Quincy Miller was wearing UK gear and giving hugs to Rod Strickland on the sidelines at Rupp Arena. Now, he is positioned to be potentially the newest version of Joakim Noah for UK fan, the guy they love to hate. Like with Noah, Miller seems to have an ability (and desire) to get under the skin of fans and with his immense talent, he is sure to make an immediate impact on college basketball. Over the past few weeks, it has looked more and more like that impact would be at Louisville. The combination of Kentucky choosing Anthony Davis over him and Louisville hiring a shoe executive who is close to his AAU coach has made Quincy all about repping the Cards and throwing up the "L" at all potential opportunities. The drop from doing the John Wall with future NBA stars, Drake and Lebron to hanging with the Porcinis Night staff is a steep one, but it has one Quincy has chosen and we shall see if he makes the decision permanent by picking the Cards over Baylor in the coming weeks. Whether Quincy ends up at UL or not, he seems to have the animosity for all things UK down regardless. Jody Demling reported yesterday that he stood next to the UK football team as they entered and threw up the "L" with his fingers as they ran out. And then came the interaction around John Calipari that we wrote about earlier. Kent Spencer of WTVQ tweeted about the specifics of the interaction and here is what he said: Here's the story on Cal and UofL recruits. We had an opportunity to interview Cal for our pregame show. He didn't walk by them on purpose they were just in the endzone at the time. After the interview he walked past the KY sideline. He had to pass by the recruits, but never looked in their direction. Actually he spoke to several soldiers. Q. Miller did stare at Cal. And if looks could kill... KY would be looking for a new head basketball coach... but we never acknowledged any of it on TV. Cal never walked by those recruits on purpose.... or ever looked their way. So Quincy Miller hasnt even picked his school officially yet (at least of this writing) and he is already flashing the "L" sign at the UK football team and giving a "if looks could kill" stare at John Calipari. My friends, this looks like a player that could be quite the villain if he decides to go play for the mediocre Big East team down the road for his one year in college. From referring to the UK players as his family on Twitter to giving death stares to the UK coach.....all in less than a year. Yet another squirt of gasoline on the always fun and combustible UK-UL rivalry.

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