Rabble-Rouser Tomlin Gets the Tarheel State Angry

Matt Jonesalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
carolina You want to know why I love the internet in general and this blog in particular? For nights like tonight. In case you missed it, earlier today the great Tomlin (he is the one with the funny voice and who occasionally writes in Spanish) wrote this post making fun of the state of North Carolina. As far as "hit pieces" go, this one was rather tame. Tomlin used his wit and sarcasm to make jokes that almost no one else would make (a good set of Callway and Cheerwine references) and writes with a level of wit that you usually dont see in the normal "your state sucks" humor. I commended Tomlin on another job well done and after seeing him this weekend at the KSR Podcast, felt like he was finally realizing the potential we all knew he had when he was originally hired by National Geographic for Kids (for real). Well apparently those from North Carolina didnt find it so funny. After a writer for the Charlotte Observer recognized the post's humor and linked it on the front page of the Charlotte Observer website (seen here) with the title "Kentucky sports radio slams North Carolina", the masses came out firing. First the comment section of the Charlotte blog became a mass of "the state of Kentucky is worse" comments and then the message boards joined in as well. Inside Carolina, which I have long thought is the best message board community in the country for humor, even joined in the fray, as you can see from the link below. Unfortunately, it seems that in both instances, Tomlin's funny comments werent matched, but instead were combatted with intellectual gems like "Kensucky" and incest jokes. Come on North Carolinians....I know you are funnier than that! So see Tomlin, you have done it. As the two links below showcase, the people in North Carolina are mad and they wont take your "Smokey and the Bandit" talk anymore. Watch your back Mr. Tomlin...the next time Goober says hey, it may be soon followed with an Elin Woods Sand Wedge to your car window. Charlotte Observer Blog Link Inside Carolina Message Board link

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