Rajon Rondo: Practical Joker

Christopher Johnsalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
I've been bouncing around Cincinnati all week (so for you baseball fans, you can blame my karma for the current score. . .yeesh) and I keep sleeping on my pillows all wrong so that I have a crick in my neck that has turned me into Frankenstein's monster (seriously, those things are painful and they make turning your head pure agony). I do feel a little better seeing the video below of Rajon Rondo and Nate Robinson playing a 'joke' on Shaq. It doesn't look as much like a practical joke as it does two guys bum rushing a fellow teammate while his back is turned. And what's that in the background? Is there a wedding going on? While random NBA players roam the hotel wearing socks with sandals? STOP PLAYIN'!!


Oh Shaq. Why so serious?

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