Rajon Rondo set to Impress

by:Matt Jones07/16/06
The Kentucky player who is most likely to elicit widely divergent reactions from the UK fanbase is showing that when he cares, he can live up to the hype. Rajon Rondo, point guard extraordinaire who has come to represent the 2005-2006 UK team in most fans' minds, may have discovered what many fans thought all along....the NBA is where he belongs. Playing in the last week with the Boston Celtics Summer League team, Rondo has produced royally, leading his team to a couple of victories and causing some coaches in the league to already pronounce him "the steal of the draft." Rondo, even though he only spent two years in college, has been praised by his onlookers for his court awareness and basketball intelligence, both tactics that were called into question last year after being displayed so wonderfully during his first season. It has been obvious to anyone that has cared to watch that Rajon Rondo has had lottery talent since his senior year of high school at Oak Hill. It was equally as obvious that as the season went on last year, Rondo was disengaged and had an attitude that was one of the primary causes of internal dissension on the team. There is no doubt that the new NBA.....with its emphasis on flowing basketball and its cut down on rough play.....is a much better spot for Rondo than the more methodical, team-oriented game of college basketball. Nevertheless, if Rondo has a high degree of success (which I personally think is VERY likely), fans will ask questions. Did he play poorly last year because of the system? his attitude? his coach? his entourage? Rich Brooks? These questions will be asked. I have my opinions (and they lean towards Rajon's own responsibility) but regardless, watching Rondo's rookie season and his battles with his own personal nemesis Sebastian Telfair, should be an interesting subplot this fall.

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