Rajon Rondo talks about his GQ internship

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Earlier this month, we told you about Rajon Rondo's internship with GQ Magazine. Rondo is notorious for his style, and 99% of the time, he nails it. (The other 1%? That blazer in the picture above.) Rondo spoke to the Today Show about his internship, which he said was actually pretty hard work. Like other GQ interns, his internship was unpaid and he had to work 10-6. His duties? Working the GQ closet, packing bags, and writing a blog. Odds he ever had to fetch coffee for someone? Slim to none. Some pearls of fashion wisdom from Rondo: - He says men should own 25-30 pairs of jeans - His favorite piece of clothing? Hoodies. - He says Joakim Noah has no fashion sense. At least we can agree on the last one. Watch Rondo play with clothes:

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