Ralph Sampson III.....He Came, He Saw.....He Liked

Ralph Sampson III.....He Came, He Saw.....He Liked

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
afd It is very late and as we move towards the culmination of an absurdly busy few weeks (football season, please start), just one note from the night. As you may know, Ralph Sampson III did visit UK this weekend and was given the royal treatment by the folks in Blue. He was hosted by AJ Stewart (who already loves being a Kentucky Wildcat as much as any player going) and toured the campus and facilities. He has done a couple of interviews on the various websites tonight saying that he enjoyed the visit (rather pedestrian comments actually) and that he is more impressed with UK now than he was before he came (well I should hope so). Sampson III will be on the radio show on Wednesday night to talk about his trip and what he thinks about the Cats. Now for the good stuff. I talked to someone close to Sampson earlier this evening who told me directly, "Ralph's dad wants him to play at Kentucky and be part of that program and atmosphere. The only worry is that Ralph is a shy kid and whether the spotlight down there, combined with his last name will make it tough on him." The individual told me that in his view Kentucky is in great position if the Sampson family believes that he can handle the intense Kentucky glare. "Kentucky needs a guy at his position and he thinks he can be a quick help." But dont expect this to necessarily end soon. Ralph III is going to Minnesota this weekend to see Tubby Smith and will be looking at some other schools as well. He told Rivals.com tonight that he also plans to come back for Midnight Madness, adding another person to what Billy Clyde hopes will be a HUGE recruiting weekend. You can hear more from Ralph III on Wednesday. Now lets get ready for the week ahead. Our football coverage is about to ramp up.....A LOT. Rob and I will be giving our season predictions this week, three games at a time, every night Mon-Thur on the show and then on the blog. We will begin the Pick-Em contest, which will include just about everyone in the world, from Gregg Doyel to Bomani Jones to Carrot Top to Adam Duritz to Kige Ramsey to Doug Stanhope (and oh yeah, the Kentucky Sports Radio crew as well)......not to mention you. You can take on everyone and we will let you know how this week. We have an announcement coming on Wednesday about some changes to the site and possibly some other news. Finally, look for all the previews you can take and the first edition of "Woo Notes" as the Big Guy gives you his thoughts on sports and life. You dont want to miss it. And oh yeah, Tuesday is my birthday, so there is that. Lots happening.....be ready....

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