Ramel Says T-Will Acted Like a "Clown"
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Ramel Says T-Will Acted Like a "Clown"

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
twtew If I told you before Saturday's game that two players would get into a scuffle, it would have been even money or better that they would likely have been Smooth and T-Will. Heck, they are the two guys with the most recognized nicknames and the greatest propensity for jabbering on the court. So when Bradley fouled David Padgett, it isnt surprising that T-Will overreacted and Bradley began jawing with him. It is just what those guys do. But I have to admit that this quote from Jody Demling's blog took me by surprise.... "The big guy had a wide-open layup, and I was just trying to make a good, hard foul and not let him get the basket," Bradley said. "I tried to help him up, even, after the play was over. The guy, No. 1, he just came in and acted like a clown, and Joe (Crawford) had my back. "I just tried to get us to walk away from it. We couldn't afford anything else bad to go wrong." "Acted like a clown".....quite a statement by the artist formerly known as Smooth and one that regardless of your position, only will spark the flames between the two guys. However one, if not both, of the guys will be gone next year and really all that may be left is a message board showdown on the remarks.....but doesnt that count for something?

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