Randall Burden Just Wants to DANCE!!!!!
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Randall Burden Just Wants to DANCE!!!!!

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fb_2007mug_burden.jpeg You may have noticed that this year's football team is a musical bunch. Whether it is Dicky Lyons rapping, Rafeal Little singing or Moncell Allen taking film of everything under the sun, this is a group that loves that lyrical sound. But none may be more prolific than Freshman Defensive Back Randall Burden. For you see, Burden is becoming a legend not only on the field, but in the more important areas of dorm room dance offs. You may remember his first performance, the "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" remix better known for the Dicky Lyons "stomach rub.": But now there is more.....oh yes, much more. For reasons that I dont understand, but I do like, Randall Burden is now filming himself dancing in his dorm room. Thus we have the following videos of him breaking it down, occasionally with some interesting special effects added to the mix: So Randall is becoming a dance star, and in so doing, making a name for himself with all the ladies of UK. Not necessarily quite as star forming are these three guys who play football for Bullitt County.....they too are doing the "Soulja Boy", but I am not sure the effect is quite the same.....I do know this however, Bullitt County football should be proud, oh so proud....

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